Plint – cloud localization

Workflows that work

Plint is our platform for cloud-based media localization and workflow management and orchestration. We use it to create complex workflows and keep tabs on progress. To our freelancers, Plint is a simple and appreciated tool for accepting and completing jobs, including online subtitle editing and review. From a client perspective, Plint provides a bird’s eye view of project progress as well as easy access to deliverables, all in a single portal.

Clients can also run their own installment, reaping the benefits of a system based on real-life experience and constant improvement.

Let Plint do the tedious bits

Creating and maintaining workflows often takes time and resources that could be spent on the fun part, making sure that you deliver quality work.

For recurring assignments, Plint uses customisable templates to generate interlinked workflows based on project data. Suitable resources – in-house or external – are automatically selected based on the criteria you choose. Automatic notifications and built-in logic makes sure that jobs are done in the right order, but no time is wasted between them.

If a client contact wants to perform certain key tasks, that’s easily arranged. Changes in mid-project can easily be incorporated, sparing you that sinking feeling when a bunch of additonal languages are suddenly added to the project.

Just as importantly, though, you can still micromanage the details at any point. Automation does not come at the expense of control.

File delivery or online work? Your call.

While we are quite proud of how of our online editing workflows handle all file management and versioning in the background, we realise that some projects will still revolve around delivering and receiving files. Plint can be used to streamline workflows that rely entirely on file delivery, online work in custom-built tools, or a combination of both. It’s really up to you.


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