Language Services

Translation and subtitling

Our global network of skilled subtitlers are experts in their own languages, but they are also experts in weighing the written word against the spoken one, editing text to fit both visually and contextually, boiling it down to the essentials without losing meaning. We match the text to the video, considering scene changes as well as word length to make sure the viewing experience of your video is never lost.

We accept both large and small translation projects. We offer all the flexibility of a small agency and the resources available to a big one.

Our process

Taking advantage of Nordisk Undertext’s services is easy. Initially, one of our dedicated project managers will make a project plan including time schedule, reviewing process, file transfer methods and delivery formats to suit your needs. We’ll then handle everything until final delivery.

To start the translation process, we only need a movie file (in any format). A script or dialogue list is always welcome, but not a necessity. You will of course be able to review and approve the translations before we deliver the final version. For the reviewing process we have our own online system Plint which makes it possible to review and comment on the subtitles directly against video, ensuring fast handling and less human errors – and no need to send proofing files back and forth.

We are well aware of the delicacy of handling filmed material and we ensure water-tight security and secrecy when working with your video.

Top-notch subtitlers

Our network of translators is Nordisk Undertext’s biggest asset. However, to carefully transfer your message from one language to another is only one aspect of subtitling. Our skilled and experienced subtitlers are specially trained in the art of translating in an audio-visual context, respecting the strict rules and space limitations, to convey your message to your audience without disturbing the viewing experience. The perfect subtitling is the one you never notice.

Format specialists

We can deliver your translation in any format you like – just let us know in what program you work and in what final format you want the film with the subtitles, and we’ll find the right delivery format for you.
To maintain control of every phase of your project and design solutions for the multilingual challenges that we face day after day, we have developed our own software, NuTxt, to which all of our translators have unlimited access. NuTxt is unmatched in the industry and exploits all the experience we have accumulated in order to handle any language or format that comes our way. In addition to NuTxt, we have our online subtitling platform NuNet, which makes it possible to create or review subtitles superimposed on your video without relying on third party software.

Translation for the theatre

Ever since 2005, we have translated plays and subtitled them for the hearing impaired. The words are displayed by our in-house developed Trigger software, which is highly flexible and easy to use. Trigger supports projectors, TV sets, display systems and other devices. In addition, more than one language can appear at the same time.
The software has been used throughout the years to display our translations at a number of theatres, including the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, the National Theatre in Belgrade, the Mossovet and Maly Theatres in Moscow, Folkteatern in Gothenburg and the Alexandrinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg.