When you need to expand and reach a client base outside of your domestic market, we have everything you need to succeed. From text translation to video graphics localisation, dubbing and speaker recording. With video, sound and subtitles working together, your message will be delivered in a consistent way, regardless of target language.


Reports of the imminent death of optical discs are greatly exaggerated. DVD and Blu-ray are still the most common storage media for the consumer film market.

Our content authoring team has produced thousands of titles for leading studios and trademarks around the world. We will provide guidance and assistance throughout your project, regardless of how simple or complex it may be.

Whether you need a subtitled video or thousands of Blu-ray discs, we will help you obtain the most value for your film.

Video on Demand / Storage

Smartphones and tablets have transformed film-viewing habits, and services like Netflix have thrown down the gauntlet to the television industry with their own version of prime time. Film distribution channels have proliferated over the past few years and no end is in sight.

The opportunities for attracting a large audience, even with a low-budget film, are unlimited. Nevertheless, the requirements for audio, video and meta data are platform-specific, which means that you have a lot more information to keep track of. That’s where NUAB enters the picture – because we specialize in complete digital solutions, we will be there when you need us for storage, encoding, subtitling and delivery on any commercial platform that the market has to offer.

Whether you come to us with one film or hundreds, we have a solution that will meet your needs.