About us

You could say that Nordisk Undertext is in the translation business, but that’s really only a fraction of what we do. Nordisk Undertext is a complete media services company, with its roots in the subtitling industry.

Subtitling is our bread and butter, and the foundation and propeller of everything we do. We have subtitled millions of minutes in languages from every continent since we opened shop in 2002. We have had the privilege of working for many of the most exciting studios and innovative film makers in the world.

Since 2013, we also have our own studio where we have brought together the best technological know-how, language skills and experience in the industry. Our technical team has experience from thousands of DVD, BluRay and VOD productions, localization of video and audio material as well as encoding and storage of media.

Great, how do I contact you for more information?
Just give us a call at 031-33 99 570, drop us an email at sales@undertext.se, or contact any of our staff directly.