Language services

We’re experts in subtitling. No matter the type of your moving content – theatrical feature, documentary or TV series, advert, e-learning or interim report – we make sure your message is conveyed undistorted to your audience. We’re nerdy enough to care about the details in your film, yet technically driven enough to handle any project up to large campaigns to any language you can think of.

Studio services

We adapt and refine all sorts of content. After thousands of DVD, Blu-ray and VOD productions for major film and production companies, we have the experience and excellence to localize and present your content to make it stand out.

Online project management

In order to handle your projects optimally through the complete subtitling and studio process, we’ve developed NuNet, our own cloud-based project management system. In NuNet, clients place orders and review translations, freelancers do online editing and deliver files, and we master and keep track of all projects through visual workflows.


A+A Communication, Anagram, Appelberg Publishing, Edit House, B-reel, Dramaten, Roy Andersson Filmproduktion, Garagefilm, Lucky Punk, Lexicon, Mint, Spoon, Stark, Stendahls, Valentin&Byhr, WorldWriters, Wallenstam, Åkesson&Curry

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